British shorthair cats

British shorthair is calm, balanced, friendly which in no doubt makes it one of the most popular purebred cats is in the world and ideal pet.

British shorthair cat Oziris Beauty of FreyaBritish shorthair is calm, balanced and friendly which in no doubt makes it one of the most popular purebred cats is in the world and ideal pet.  In addition to being moderately active, they  are extremely dexterous and great hunters. British shorthair cats are cats that follow you around the house, watch your every step, and seat next to you. Given their friendliness, openness and unobtrusive they are great with small children, and with all family members. So they are cats for the whole family.

The history of British shorthair is dating back to the 19th century. British shorthair is crosbread of british domestic cats and persian purebread. It  was first time presented on exibition in 1871g. in the Crystal Palace in London. After the first and second world war they were again crossed with Persian cats to improve the quality and to achieve of today’s standard. Today, such mating is strictly prohibited.

British shorthair is a medium to large cat, strong and compact build, short, powerful legs and round paws. Each British shorthair must have a short muscular back, broad shoulders, deep chest and rounded, large head with a wide jaw and neck muscles. The nose should be wide but the interruption of the nose should not be too pronounced. The eyes should be round and large. Fur should be tick, short and slightly sharp like a nice thick carpet. The tail must be thick, medium short, thickened at base and on top slightly tapered. Top of the tail should be rounded. Fur of British shorthair occurs in many different colors and patterns which gives it a special charm. British shorthair is extremely resilient, healthy and long living cat, and its life span is about 14 to 20 years.