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    Marina sjedi i kamera ju snima

    Through the lens of a camera


    OVo je proma

    Explore the Magical World of British Shorthair Cats through our camera lens. Join us in discovering the irresistible character of British Shorthair cats as we learn about their history, health, and way of life. Become a part of our community of passionate cat enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the world of British Shorthair cats like never before!

    7 Crucial Reasons Why Playtime is Essential for Your Kitten’s Development

    Did you know that playtime is crucial for your kitten’s development? In our latest video, we explore 7 essential reasons why playtime is more than just fun and games.

    Cat Exhibition VLOG: British Shorthair Competes for Best in Show and Wins Best of Best 1

    🎉 Join us on an exciting trip to the International Cat Exhibition in Ljubljana! 🐱 Watch as our British Shorthair, Puffy, competes and wins Best of the Best! 🌟 Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes action, breed presentations, and all the adorable feline moments.

    Cat Breeder Diaries ep.2

    Join us in Episode 2 of our “Cat Breeder Diaries” where we introduce our latest litter of British Shorthair kittens! 🎥💕

    👀 Watch as our kittens grow and explore, taking significant first steps in their adorable lives. Don’t miss out on seeing how we’ve adapted and enhanced their play and resting spaces!

    Day in Life of Two Week Old Kittens

    Join us for a heartwarming glimpse into a day in the life of two-week-old kittens. From their first tentative steps to their quiet naps nestled against their mother, experience the tender moments of early kittenhood.

    Cat Breeder Diaries ep.1

    Welcome to the first episode of “Cat Breeder Diaries,” where we take you behind the scenes of our daily life in the cattery. From maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the health of our cats with regular litter box upkeep to moments of relaxation and fun, this episode gives you a glimpse into the full spectrum of caring for and enjoying the company of our cats.

    Cat Triumphs, Kitten Goodbyes and Baby Lasagna

    Welcome to another exciting episode on our channel! Today, we go behind the scenes at our cattery to share the heartwarming journey of our British Shorthair kittens. Witness the pride as our star, Puffy Beauty of Freya, wins the Best of Best One title at the Zagreb cat show. Plus,

    A Day in the Life at the Cat Exhibition

    Join us in “A Day in the Life at the Cat Exhibition” for a special glimpse into the Beauty of Freya Cattery’s experience at a relaxed and friendly cat show. This event was not about competition but about sharing our love for cats with cat lovers and other cat breeders.

    7 Essential Tips for Keeping Your British Shorthair Kitten Clean and Healthy

    Discover the joy of caring for British Shorthair kittens with our latest video! We delve into essential tips to keep your British Shorthair clean and healthy, ensuring these adorable felines grow up to be majestic and well-groomed cats.

    Behind the Scenes: International Cat Show

    Join us in our latest video as we take you behind the scenes at a prestigious cat show! Watch as we proudly present our beautiful British Shorthairs, navigating through the exciting and meticulous process of cat judging.

    Relaxing Music with Cats | Purring Sounds

    Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with our sleepy cats from the Beauty of Freya Cattery. This video features calming piano music accompanied by therapeutic purring sounds. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, and quality sleep for both you and your feline friend.

    Relaxing Music with Cats | Mediterranean winner show edition

    Dive deep into a realm of serenity with our exclusive photographs from the Mediterranean Winner Show, paired harmoniously with soothing piano music and the therapeutic sounds of cat purring. These original and never-before-seen images, captured brilliantly by Beauty of Freya Cattery, showcase the majestic allure of felines from the esteemed event.

    Our New Cat Tree! Unboxing & Setting Up

    Unboxing a cat tree is always an adventure, especially with curious cats around! Watch as we unveil, assemble, and showcase our newest addition to the cattery.

    Relaxing Music With Cats vol3 | Lofi Ambient | Cat Purring | 2h

    Welcome to another peaceful moment with the cats of Beauty of Freya! In Relaxing music with cats vol3, become enveloped in a comforting world where lofi ambient music and the gentle, rhythmic purring of cats become your sanctuary.

    Relaxing Music with British Shorthair Cats vol. 4 | 2 Hours of Lo-Fi Chill Vibes

    Dive into the serene world of our British Shorthair cats accompanied by soothing Lo-Fi music. ‘Relaxing Music with Cats vol. 4’ brings you two hours of calming visuals and melodies perfect for relaxation, studying, or unwinding after a long day.