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    News from cattery

    News from cattery

    We're thrilled to bring you the latest news and updates related to our beloved pets. Our cats have been engrossed with new posts, photos, and videos. Be sure to check our website for the latest content. Thank you for your ongoing support!

    Cats and Homeopathy: A Natural Way to Treat Your Pet

    Interested in How Homeopathy Can Help Your Cat? In this guide, we explore the connection between cats and homeopathy, and how this alternative form of medicine can impact your pet’s well-being.

    Why buy a purebred cat with a pedigree?

    Why Buy a Purebred Cat with a Pedigree? Purebred cats with pedigrees have many advantages, and if you want a better life for your pet, consider buying a purebred cat.

    Why should cat breeders attend cat shows?

    Why should cat breeders attend cat shows? Find out how showcasing their cats can help enhance their breeding program.

    Cat allergy: Symptoms, causes, and treatment?

    What are the symptoms, causes, how to identify cat allergies, and how to treat cat allergies?

    The lifespan of cats. How long do cats live?

    Cats are known for their longevity, but how long do they actually live? The lifespan of cats depends on many factors.

    Why do cats purr?

    Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, and their purring is one of the things that makes them so special. If a cat has ever curled up in your lap and started purring, you know there’s nothing quite like it.

    Helena and the Cats by HTV

    Our youngest breeder told and showed how she takes care of her big and small cats. Watch the story from her perspective in this short program produced by HTV. Thanks to the HTV 2 children’s program team.

    Shooting for kids show Luka and Friends

    Part of the show Luke and friends about pets, more specifically about cats was filmed at our place.

    Marina’s cat story

    Marinas cat story is short movie about us, our cats and our life which is inseparably connected to them. Movie is filmed for exhibition “About animals and people” in production of Ethnographic museum in Zagreb.

    The British are not a cat in the bag

    An animal lover magazine “njuskica.com” came to visit us. They wanted to do an article about British shorthaired cats. The cats knew something special was happening and that’s how they behaved.

    Commercial for SIMPA

    A few days ago the Simpa commercial started, but this time one of the stars of this commercial was our little THE ROUGH – blue tortie bicolor.

    Commercial for Spanish bank

    “Cat lady please bring the cat” the director called looking in my direction. The fronts of the houses are completely red from the light of the fire truck.

    Exhibition Secret CATS People

    Participating in photography shoot for the Secret CATS People exhibition by photographer Sanja Baljkas was an extraordinary experience.